Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Make Money Online with Adbrite

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After my long hours of search, I found one good site that will earn you good income was LinkWorth but there is something that I forgot to say you people. I tried Adbrite and I did earn money with them. But I have not yet received any payouts from them. I earned some 20$ with them and requested for a check. That will be processed only after three months. I hope they pay me or else they will be under the scam list. So, time has to answer this question. Still I would like to provide a review on them stating the advantages and disadvantages.

They offer different types of Ad formats namely- Text Ads, Banner Ads, Full Page Ads, Inline Text Ads and also a joint venture with BritePic they offer money for the photos uploaded in your blog. It is to be noted that this company is well established and there fore you may hope that they are not a scam. You can a look at the picture for the amount of impressions and sites registered with them. The major advantage is that they will include your site in their directory and this will make the advertiser know better about your site and more over, it will increase the traffic for your site. And you can set your own minimum payout. That is something interesting.

Now all that is over, what is the disadvantage with them??? The ads that appear on your site are inappropriate. If you had visited my site earlier, it showed video ads that were completely unrelated to the content in mine. Next, you earn very little money with them. I mention this only for sites with a less traffic. The number of inline text ads will be more but it will annoy the user who is reading them. These are some of the bitter experiences with Adbrite. If they pay me I will let you all know so that you make money online with your blog.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Better Alternative to Google Adsense

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If people are rejected from Google AdSense and have tried so many methods to make money through Internet but have not yet made a cent can try this one. Today, I was browsing for companies that provide contextual advertisements but suddenly I found this website. So, I thought may be I can do a small review about this program namely, Project Wonderful.

Many people get banned from Google, Bidvertiser and so on because of repeated clicks or due to some fraudulent activities or at times without any fault of their own. So, for all those people this one will be a better alternative. Here you just need to provide a space in your site and the advertisers will bid for that space. The one who wins the bid will put the ad in your space for a day. And this amount gets added to your account. Remember, it does not require any clicks from any users. You just get paid for showing the ad for a day. Advertising is sold on the basis of time instead of clicks. Instead of earning money for clicks on your ads, you earn money every day that an ad is active on your site.

The initial amount you set here can be 0.01$ so that your site is full of ads and you earn daily rather setting an amount of 25$ to earn just zero at the end of the month. So, it is up to each individual to set his strategy to make the most out of this program. The fund that you earn through them can in turn be used for advertising your site. Another advantage is that you can run these ads besides other Ad agencies too.

Please take some time to answer this poll below.

How much do you make with your Blog??
Less than 25$ Less than 100$ More than 100$ Not a cent still

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Making Instant Money Online

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Recently, I found a site that will help you make instant money. The main problem is that you can just make a very little amount through this program. But if you constantly work and you are very eager to earn money online, then you may try this. More over you may use the credits that you earn for improving the traffic of your blog or you may promote some other site too. So that, you get more referrals. The site is Pay4Surf.

They offer two ways of membership - Gold and Free. I am sure most of the people will prefer the free one. So you may join as the free member and then surf few sites. Later when you reach the very minimum amount of 0.01$, you may request your payment and they will send you that small amount within a week. So it is very easy for us to know whether that site will pay or not. My sister tried this one and they did pay her. So people who want to add some little cash into their PayPal account may try this one.

They pay your payments through PayPal as well as through AlertPay. This will satisfy all the members because few may want to invest their amount but will not be able to do so because the site will offer AlertPay while the investor will have his amount in PayPal. So here you will not face that problem.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

How to make money with LinkPost(Paid To Post)?

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There are many ways through which you can earn money online but one simple way is paid to post. "Paid To Post" means you get paid for the post you do on your blog as per the request of the advertiser. The only problem with paid to post is that you need to find out advertisers who are waiting for a review about their products or sites or what ever stuff it is. If you could do that and you send them a mail quoting a price less than what they ask for, then it is over. So the next question is where do I find the advertisers? Well, The answer again is LinkWorth.

So, the main job that LinkWorth does for you is that, it makes the platform for all the interactions between advertiser and the blogger. As I keep saying in every post of mine I do not write reviews without testing them and that applies even for this. So, I reviewed a software in my previous and you can check that here (inFlow Inventory Software). Now let me tell you how to make this possible with your blog through LinkPost.

The first thing that you should do is you need to be a partner with LinkWorth and later you should have submitted your blog LinkPost and should have got an approval for them. If you have not done that, no matter. You can do it even now. After all this now, go to MY PRODUCTS>>LINKPOST>>SEARCH LINKPOST JOBS. Now you will see a list of advertisers waiting for a review about their products. So which ever is related to your topic and your blog, now move your mouse pointer over the following text "mouse over to view". You will find the link to the advertiser's site.

Now you just find where the contact us or email us link is present on the advertiser's link and send him a mail stating that you are interested in making a review about his site and also quote a price less than that prescribed in LinkWorth. Once done, wait for the reply. If the advertiser is interested then he would send a request through LinkWorth and there you go!!! Once you review it as per the requirement of the advertiser and it is approved by LinkWorth, your account will be credited. I hope everyone make money with LinkWorth and that is what is the aim of LinkWorth too...

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Review on inFlow Inventory Software

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The best software that one can use in small business is the inFlow Inventory Software. I usually don't write reviews about software but this one is worth it. It is basically designed for small businesses. The most flexible and user friendly software would be the inventory software.

So, now let me tell you how this will help your business. The major job that inflow could do to your business is the speeding up of your daily task which means you save time. Also you may be able to make a detailed statistics of the profit and all other stuff. It helps you keep track of all the types of business data namely the products, customers, vendors and so on. So now, this will help you make better decisions. Even your customer questions can be answered more quickly, that is you can keep track of your customers and their questions. customer support is far improved when compared to the before. The inventory management will do all these jobs for you. So, again you save a lot of time. The ease with which you can handle the software is to be noted. Though initially, you feel it is complex, it is not so. If you follow the procedure and take a look at that inventory control panel and also the video, then you will feel very easy to use that.

On the whole to sum up, inflow makes it very easy for the users to manage their business along with their customers. And you will be able to get detailed statistics of what ever you do in your business field and sharing it with other computers is also facilitated by inflow. You can also make some nice print outs of the details. There is much more with inflow. Install and discover how your business blooms.

Above all, the main thing to be noted is that a complete free version is available for download while the standard edition is sold for 299$ or less depending upon how many licenses are bought. You may visit the official site for more details (inFlow inventory software). It also comes with a 45 day money-back guarantee. So why waiting still, click the banner on top or on the right and download it right away!!!


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